Kids Armwrestling Table
Kids Armwrestling Table
Kids Armwrestling Table
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Kids Armwrestling Table

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Arm wrestling is picking up popularity at an exponential rate, and it's becoming a multi-generational sport. Your children can get in on the action and participate in the same activities as you, sharing the experience. We want everyone to have the chance to compete in our sport, so we dedicated a table to the younger generation.


White - Off White - Cream - Tan - Beige - Brown - Black - Dark Gray - Light Gray - Navy Blue - Blue - Dark Green - Green - Teal - Maroon - Red - Pink - Orange - Purple - Yellow - Neon Green - Neon Yellow

Carbon Fiber Series: Pearl White - Black - Blue - Red - Dark Blue - Gold - Silver



-Waterproof and stretch-resistant marine-grade vinyl to cover the table and pads

-High-density foam pads to provide a comfortable platform while maintaining a solid foundation

-A wide variety of colors and combinations to create a unique outcome almost every time

-Oil-based paint to give it a metallic polished finish sure to catch anyone's eye!

*estimated 4-6 weeks for the finished product*